The Love Creed Story


Christle Reed founded Love Creed in 2020. Her parents raised her to be a generous giver and to always think about others. This has been ingrained in her heart and is something she has committed to making a part of her daily life. 


In the professional setting, Christle has served in several roles within the educational system. While working at a local charter school, she assisted a student who had recently experienced a house fire. She took that student to the school's resource closet to get a few items to hold him over. When she handed that student a bag of clothes, she immediately saw shame and embarrassment on his face. The clothes were clearly items that no one else wanted. They were old, smelly, and out of style. 


From that day forward, Christle made it her business to ensure that all teens in need were supplied with clothing items that they could be proud of. 

Just because a teen is in need, doesn't mean that they deserve less. 

In addition to Love Creed, Christle is also a wife, mom of 3, and serves as Director of Communications and Recruitment for a local charter school. Christle enjoys writing and recently published her first book, Hugs from the Sky. All proceeds of this book go to support Love Creed. 

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